Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to create a blog?

Me personaly preffer Blogger dot com blog, which means a blog. Why? Because it's simple, easy and professional. So lets cut the the chase:

1. First what you need is a google account, if you have a Gmail account that'll do, if not go to and create one it's free and open to register.

2.Now that you have a Google account go to and sign in with your Gmail account (it's not Gmail specificaly though , you can use this for any Google service.

3.Once you sign in , you can start creating your blog in three easy steps:
-first you need to choose name of your blog, and the address (it will look like
-then you need to choose a template for your blog (the basic visual settings which you can change at any time)
-start posting (this is a tricky one, trust me, and I'll tell you why. Because it's hard to find a good idea and content for posting, even if you have it in your head like the best idea ever, on screen might not work for you, but lets hope it's only me like that)
So that's it, you have a blog now.


1. First tip is about the posting. Be sure even before you create the blog that you have a good idea, with much stories that complete each other or are connected anyhow. Or forget this and write off hand for whatever comes to your mind. Second handed tip: if you don't have a good sense for humor, I'd give up now. Seriously, even if a story is dead serious, use humor, readers like it, and they like it a lot.

2.See that the template you choose fits the content of your blog. I mean the colors are important. (If you don't agree, fine , be like that , but you'll see how much time you'll spend choosing the template).

3.After you start posting gear up your blog. Add stuff like calendars, stats counters (this is almost obligatory, and choose a counter service with more features, there are a lot and free too.)

4.This one is a very important one. You need to "google" and "yahoo" index it (make your content available for their search engines). The process for this could be difficult but we'll manage when it comes to it. (If someone got to it please comment, I'll explain it, although I'll do it anyway later in the posts)
Why is this important? Because of traffic, sooner or later when the content of your blog grows, there will be visitors that come from search engines).

There will be more tips later, I am going to bed now. I'm tired.
Next post will get to the indexing stuff. There will be some tips for like how to make your blog better for google to index it and to rank higher in the search results.
Ok , now I am going to bed.
But, wait ... nope I said it all. Bye.
But you must know I don't say "but wait" in wane, I had a "light bulb" moment, which has to be explained later so that you would be able to make your blog popular.
Bye now! OMG I've been sleeping on one eye all along!

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