Thursday, August 23, 2007

System Restore

I had a problem with my Windows Vista, so I was searching through the net to find solution. I accidentally ran on a forum were some people were "advising" to turn of the System Restore feature. Really? Turn off System Restore!? Ok , I guess that's not so bad, some people are just "free disk space" freaks, and in order to achieve maximum free storage space they turn off the Restore feature. But it's sad that most of the people on the forum agreed to that advise.
Now let me ask you, do you know what can a virus or a worm or a trojan can do to your computer? Do you know how many beta versions software freezes the system at start up? (Kaspersky, Panda, Comodo, BitDefender, Personal Firewalls). Do you know how many stable versions software freezes the system at start up? (Panda, Komodo, BitDefender,Personal Firewalls, Kaspersky in rare cases). But that's not so bad! Well it's not if system restore is ON. If your system freezes at start up because of a software you installed, don't worry you can fix it easy, something like this, (not something but exactly like this):

1.Power on

2.While starting press F8

3.From the screen choose the Safe Mode (or Safe Mode with networking)

4.And the system will start.

5.Go to Help and Support and then Undo changes to your computer with System Restore

6. From there on it's easy, you'll manage on your own.
(BTW, System restore doesn't effect files, so everything you have will stay intact, even if you restore to a point five days ago, documents , songs, images saved yesterday will remain)

Now some one will say, why not just uninstall the software? Because you can't. It's Safe Mode, you can't install, you can't uninstall, hell, you can't even put a desktop wallpaper.

So for the last time, DON'T turn off System Restore. If you want more free space downsize the reserved System Restore space to minimum (right click on My Computer, Properties, System Restore Tab, Set), so there would be only one Restore Point, but don't turn it off, because you will find yourself in a situation for just 1Gig of disk space to reinstall the enitre OS! (It's not that hard , but just think of the annihilation of every image, song, movie, document you have. If you reinstalling yourself, I guess you'll safe something. But if the OS is password protected, like most vendors do, you will have to take the computer to reinstalling the OS and they'll charge you, heavily).

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