Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why create a Blog?

Blogs and blogging became the fastest growing and the most popular feature of the Web 2.0. So nowadays everybody can have a web-site. Some may say blogs aren't web-sites, but with a little HTML knowledge, and an interesting theme, you 've got a website my friend and nothing less.
Why create a blog?

1. Because it's free (mostly), there are paid blog services but the free ones aren't left to eat dirt in the mud, in fact they are leading (in quantity and quality).
2.It's your way of easier communication with friends and with wide anonymous public. You can make your blog closed only for friends or make it a public site for anyone to see, comment or even post along with you.
3.You can create a full-featured blog within minutes, literally. The procedure can never be anymore simpler. And you've got at disposal thousands of free gadgets for every blog domain. (clocks, calendars, stat counters, weather forecast, polls and surveys, quizes etc., just like I said, a web-site, nothing less)
4.Blogs can earn you money. How? We'll see later, first we need to create the blog and make it a good one so there any traffic goes there.
5.Even if you aren't a computer wiz, the more bigger reason to try and make one, because this will prepare you for the next era, hell this will prepare you to survive through this era too.

So , don't wait the last minute when blogs will be forgotten to create a blog, start now.
Next post. How...

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