Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why support the process of Global Warming?

Why support the process of global warming:
-no winters
-the ice caps will melt, which means more humid air, more rains, and thus water problems solved in many countries
- more water means countries like Ethiopia, Sudan can increase the agriculture production, so the "hungry nations" problem solved too
- summer all year long,
- summer through out the year, ladies in bikinis through out the year
- in order to wear a bikini, they will have to work out, be on diets and look like million dollars all the time,
- it's same for for guys too, no matter that guys say they don't pay attention to their looks
- the highest peaks, will shrink down so it will be easier on mountain climbers too
- in Southeast Asia people won't care when it's monsoon season, all year will be hurricane year
- for the Caribbeans too, (oh, that's right the Caribbean islands won't exist, just like the Netherlands)
- many continental countries will become famous sea resorts, tourism will flourish
- many coast line countries will be gone, (oh, well such is life)
- the Eiffel Tower will be the highest "open sea" light house
- Switzerland will be a neutral island, and the future Caymans
- ships and boats will be the main means of transportation, car accidents will decrease.
- all the sunny days will allow us to switch to solar energy, (there won't be much oil anyway)
- Panama won't have to spend zillion dollars to expand the canal
- New York will be renamed into New Atlantis
-will know where New Atlantis was and we'll know what garbage lies on the bottom of the sea so we won't look for it, or wonder what kind of "civilization" lived there.
- smoking won't be blamed as the primary cause for cancer, the ultraviolet rays will take the lead
-there won't be any need of scuba diving gear, mutants can bread underwater too
- there'll be more uninhabited space for nuclear tests
- different nations will be brought to live together as one in peace, (due to limited dry land, plus the devastating war before will make people to come to their senses)
- "Water World" with Kevin Costner will be a clasic. The best movie ever made:)

And that's all I can think off.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just utter Halo 3 or Linux....

....and bam! You are on the front page on Digg!

That's it, that's all I had to say.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time Limited Marriages, 7 Years Up, So Long Baby!

The proposal to turn marriage into a kind of time-share arrangement has shocked Germany. It comes from Gabriele Pauli, who is running to become head of the Bavarian conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party.

“Many marriages survive only because people think it gives them security,” Ms Pauli told a news conference in Munich. “But only love should count.”

Her idea would apply only to civil marriages. Vows sworn on the altar, “till death us do part”, would not be amended. Civil marriages would be regarded as a limited seven-year contract. “After that initial period each partner would have to say ‘yes’ again in order to prolong the marriage,” she said. “If they do, there is no reason why marriage should not end up as a lifelong partnership, but in the meantime we will have saved the financial and emotional cost of many divorces.” (from

After seven years of marriage people can decide if they want to still be married or and prolong the "contract" or simply separate. I won't get into the technicalities and legal stuff during such separations, but what do you think will be the impact of society and familie as the corner stone of todays society.

My opinion is that she is just trying to score points and get more popular through controversy.

Seven years is a long period of time where most married couples already have children and are deeply, emotionally related to each other, so most likely the seven years countdown will be forgotten and prolonging the marriage legally will be a routine. Even with marriages that seem unstable, where kids are involved the outcome after seven years would be the same I think and the couples will continue living together.

Marriages with a lot turmoils, and quarrels, cheating etc., or what would be a bad marriage, will end before those seven years, so this limit has no effect on these kind of marriages. Even if somehow this kind of marriages survives through seven years, it will end just as bitter as any bad marriage at any time.

Couples that are doing just fine, but don't have kids are same case like those with kids, perhaps even chances of ending the marriage are even slimmer. The reasons for this is fear of lonliness, the older you get the harder to get a partner, and you won't have kids to support you and be with you.

So, all in all the "seven year" law looks like a marketing stunt, but still if this law would be ever brought in life it's consequences on society as we know it could be quite big. And it does hold the potential to do it. Family would disintegrate and lose it's role completely. Human relationships will become scarce and superficial, emotions will lessen their roles in our life.

Encompassed, it looks like a future thats out of sci-fi script. I s it for the better or for the worse? Who knows. The fact remains that things are on constant change, the very own thought, so just thinking of time limited marriages shows a tendency that marriage is losing it's perspective in the future.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A letter to the UN, from Macedonia

With this letter, we the people of Republic of Macedonia ask the United Nations to correct the mistake made fifteen years ago, when only because of Greece caprices the UN broke their own rules and allowed two million people to be humiliated every time there is an event that is from international significance. It's all done under the excuse called a "temporary agreement" between Macedonia and Greece. First of all, it's temporary like it says, second it's made under pressure because Greece put an embargo towards Macedonia, which was in a bad economical situation anyway.
BUT, I don't blame Greece, it's the UN's fault that allowed this to happen in the first place. Basic human rights are broken under it's nose, and yet their best action is "sort it out between you". There is nothing to sort out, I am a Macedonian and nobody can call me otherwise unless I express a desire to.
Macedonia is a member of the UN since April 1993, and I can remember how proud I was even as a kid, that we are a part of such a great organization that unites people from around the world. Today as an adult I am disappointed, because for 15 years of membership Macedonia and it's people got nothing , but pure humiliation.
I kindly ask the United Nations to read the document that is the core of it's existence, the base on what humanity stands proudly on this planet today, and correct the mistakes made in the past. We know that you can't make Greece to call us Macedonia, but you can let the rest of the countries in the world to call us as they have acknoweledged us under our constitutional name, Republic of Macedonia, not some abbreviation (FYROM)of an artificial name that is a leftover of an artificial country too (Yugoslavia)
If this condition remains and the UN continues to ignore the voice of the people of Macedonia, my recommendations to the macedonian government is if possible to withdraw Macedonia's membership from the United Nations and end this farce. I understand the benefits that come with being a member of the United Nations, but when basic human rights are broken and all dignity is torn away from entire nation any benefit looks like a crumble thrown to a beggar. I call all people from the world for a support given in any way. I don't want to get into the details why there's a dispute for the name between Macedonia and Greece, but judge by what's given if it's right to be addressed to as something you're not.

Thanks for reading..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Men , sex and love

Why is it easy for men to have sex without love? (From "first hand" experience, first right hand that is)
There are many studies on how women are more capable for multitsking then men, but I beg to differ, since I know that men can be deeply in love with one woman, while successfully having sex with two other, and if that's not multitasking, I don't know what is!?
Jokes aside, here's a theory that I developed from personal experience. It's really a simple one, possible even already known. So here it goes.
Men experience their first sexual experience at the age of twelve plus or minus a year. And we are talking here about simple, rudimentary, non-interactive experiences, aka "solo missions". So boys early sexuality is solely based on achieving pleasure, without physical contact with another human being, without enjoying the company of someone loved. There's no foreplay, nor longevity of the action. Soon this becomes a habit, that's hard to abandon even when men start having sex with other human beings. So, that's why most men are fast and non emotional when sex is involved, and the desire to achieve sexual pleasure makes men , not picky. The biological instincts have a great deal in this too, and men don't deal much with sense.
While women, thanks to sex being a taboo for almost forever, and women's not so good position in society for centuries are forced to experience sex for first time with another human being and it must be someone they have loved for many a years. (In case if it's not someone they have loved for many a years, society starts a procedure called "labeling", but chances that it was a prearranged marriage are quite good too). However, women are used to having sex with someone else present in the room (or tree, I saw this in an "educational" movie once). Also women have proved to have much stronger will when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires. But I believe that this is socially predetermined, because socially, it was and somewhere still is undesirable for women to express sexuality unless specifically asked to.
To conclude: men having sex with one or more women while in love with totally other women is biologically and socially predetermined, not just because we, the men, are pigs by nature.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Onlywire: Drive Traffic to Your Blog the Easy Way

Onlywire is a social bookmarking service, but you can't view your bookmarks at Onlywire because it's not a bookmarking site only bookmarking service.
Now, what's great about Onlywire is that with only one time bookmarking, (your story , news, site or anything you would normaly submit to any bookmarking site) will be bookmarked on every bookmarking site that you are a member.
This means you need to tell Onlywire the usernames and passwords of your memberships. Some one will object that it is dangerous to reveal that kind of information, but come on, you'll just open another account if anything happens , (or open accounts just for Onlywire)but so far at least for me everything is cool. Plus Onlywire guarantees the privacy as far as they are concerned.
Supported social bookmarking sites are: Backflip, Blogmemes,,, Blinks, Exites, Furl, Spurl, Ma.gnolia, Diigo, Linkatopia, Linkrolls and others I can't think of right now.
What you got to know is that it doesn't work very good with every one of them. So, the bookmarks work just great and from there you can import them or export to Furl or Spurl or Diigo etc. But for this please gather at least 50 bookmarks at because if you do it for each and every bookmark it's no use , just go and bookmark it yourself directly at the site.(If someone doesn't know how, say so in a comment, I'll try to help).
How does Onlywire increase traffic? Well it doesn't , but it's a helpful tool that saves on time that you would spent on bookmarking your stories to the above mentioned services.
Important note: Tagging is very important, it's even more important then putting a title, because the search engines of or Furl or any other service are based on taggs. So don't forget to put tags.
Also, the titles, they are important on a short run, which means make it a interesting , attractive title with a short discription also with words of a great choice.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Celebrities "E-mail" Addresses

I ran on a question on Yahoo Answers that was inquiring about Paris' Hilton e-mail address, and I kinda stretched it and this is what came of it:

So Paris Hilton regularly uses, but her new address is excludedblackships@stillrich.huh.
Britney Spears managed to keep her old address a secret , but her new one is very well known, it's Pretty witty, don't you think?
Lindsey Lohan has only one and it's rehabgirl@maybenext.time
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a joint address, lovebirds@weallhate.them, the most recent address is neverenoughmoney@suripicsformillion.bux. Although there's a roumer that Katie has her own account and this is not verified but you can try e-mail her at birthinsilence@really!?.com. And Tom has the address stillyoung@beleiveme.iam. (please believe him, because this address is pathetic)
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit are reachable at aretheyapair@orwhat?.com, however Angelina keeps two of her own e-mail addresses as a golden reserve, same username, diffrent domain. The first is, the other is bored@next.kid (I humbly ask for forgiveness here, what Angelina Jolie does is honorable in every way and an act of greater humanity, every honor once more, she has proved herself a true ambassador of good will. I got carried away, Sorry).
Johny Lee Miller is subscriber at byangelina e-mail service, his username is dumped01.
Oprah Winfrey, I am not sure, but on few of her shows (umm, correction, on most of her shows!) I think I noticed the addresses, and (remember the "Wild Hogs" and the bad act by it's cast during the show, or nobody noticed?).
Billy Bob Thornton has a really easy address
George Bush is available on please@pickme.pickme, and the newer one is The last address is faketears@pleasepickme.again. (I didn't quite had the time to check this story, all I saw was an old man crying. Maybe because he won't get picked next time?)
Colin Farel can be contacted at
After Ben Affleck stopped playing with his pall Matt Damon, he joined the domain what', his username is "ihavenoidea".
Has anyone seen Matt Damon in company of a human being, after he stopped hanging out with his "hetero" (as he well put it somewhere) friend Ben Affleck? Oh, yeah, the man 's busy, he doesn't have time to sociolize. His address is, oops, no, I am very sorry, my mistake, it's lost@identity.role. (Jokes aside, Matt Damon is cool, much cooler then his ex boyfriend, I mean friend, friend. I don't know what's wrong with me today!?)
Janet Jackson is a privileged owner of the e-mail
Michael Jackson, is at the same domain as his sister , well I guess you know it,
Jennifer Lopez, after she's like, well not present on stage or set, and after a desperate attempt to win over the Hispanic audience with a really bad spanish accent and an average song, her address is downhill@isitmyhusband?.com
It was very difficult to find the e-mail address of Julia Stiles so I opened an account for her, if she ever reads this please Julia,check your mail. One message here," no one really cares what you do, and ignore fools like me, all we're good at is dissing people"(I am not gonna apologize here, but I just gotta say, she's good, she's very good. One of my favorite young and new actresses).
Brad Pit's next address is This is quite a popular domain, isn't?

Well, that's all I got for now, maybe next time there will be some more e-mail addresses of your favorite stars!

*Disclaimer: All e-mail addresses are fictional, however the characters, their characterisctics and the events are free for interpretation.

If you wanna contact express yourself with a comment.