Saturday, September 22, 2007

A letter to the UN, from Macedonia

With this letter, we the people of Republic of Macedonia ask the United Nations to correct the mistake made fifteen years ago, when only because of Greece caprices the UN broke their own rules and allowed two million people to be humiliated every time there is an event that is from international significance. It's all done under the excuse called a "temporary agreement" between Macedonia and Greece. First of all, it's temporary like it says, second it's made under pressure because Greece put an embargo towards Macedonia, which was in a bad economical situation anyway.
BUT, I don't blame Greece, it's the UN's fault that allowed this to happen in the first place. Basic human rights are broken under it's nose, and yet their best action is "sort it out between you". There is nothing to sort out, I am a Macedonian and nobody can call me otherwise unless I express a desire to.
Macedonia is a member of the UN since April 1993, and I can remember how proud I was even as a kid, that we are a part of such a great organization that unites people from around the world. Today as an adult I am disappointed, because for 15 years of membership Macedonia and it's people got nothing , but pure humiliation.
I kindly ask the United Nations to read the document that is the core of it's existence, the base on what humanity stands proudly on this planet today, and correct the mistakes made in the past. We know that you can't make Greece to call us Macedonia, but you can let the rest of the countries in the world to call us as they have acknoweledged us under our constitutional name, Republic of Macedonia, not some abbreviation (FYROM)of an artificial name that is a leftover of an artificial country too (Yugoslavia)
If this condition remains and the UN continues to ignore the voice of the people of Macedonia, my recommendations to the macedonian government is if possible to withdraw Macedonia's membership from the United Nations and end this farce. I understand the benefits that come with being a member of the United Nations, but when basic human rights are broken and all dignity is torn away from entire nation any benefit looks like a crumble thrown to a beggar. I call all people from the world for a support given in any way. I don't want to get into the details why there's a dispute for the name between Macedonia and Greece, but judge by what's given if it's right to be addressed to as something you're not.

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