Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Ultimate Extras Available.

As from yesterday there are three new Ultimate Extras features available in Windows Update for the Vista Ultimate users.

There are two new sound schmese for Windows
-Ultimate Extra Glass
-Ultimate Extra Pearl
I can't really say which is better, because both have some good and bad in them. For example Pearl has minimize/restore sound, but Glass doesn't. Glass has also pretty weird explorer navigation sounds, but some might like it. Glass has better logg off/exit sounds, and a new Empty Recycle Bin sound. If they could just make a mix of these two...

There are also three new Dreamscenes available. (Dreamscene Content pack#3)
here are some screenshots. (You can use them as wallpapers).

The Dripping Green Leaf is my favorite and I am currently using it.

Dripping Ice

Autumn Leaves

More Dreamscenes for Download

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Windows Explorer Restarts

In this post I am asking for a little help. A virus got to my computer and although I removed it, the windows explorer quits after I open a folder, any folder (sometimes it restarts, sometimes it doesn't so I restart it from Run).
I tried Hijack This, Spybot, and other spyware removal tools, but nothing works.
In system32 there's a file called iifDvwvw.dll, it's installed as a helper object in Internet Explorer, but it's impossible to remove it even in Safe Mode. (Also I tried to remove it with spyware removal tools). Deleting doesn't work because it says that "the file is opened in another program".

So can anyone who runs Vista Ultimate SP1, copy their explorer.exe (C:/Windows/explorer.exe) zip it and send me the file to Or uploaded somewhere and give me a link?


Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogger in Draft

What is Blogger in Draft?

Blogger in Draft is the regular Blogger, just few months in the future.
you can log in Draft Blogger by typing in the address bar, not just
When you log in you'll notice that the Blogger logo is over a bluprint background, and that's how you'll know it's blogger in draft.

What Blogger in Draft actually does is letting you use some features that are still tested and will be available in some time in the future.

Subscribe To
One of the best things is the Subscription gadget, which frees you from looking through the internet for HTML codes for diffrent widgets and stuff.

Another feature that looks great is The Sheduled Posting, which means that you can save a post in a draft and shedule it to post whenever you like by itself. So if you have a bigger story , you can split it in parts, save it in drafts and shedule them to be published one by one. Just remember that the order of the drafts should be reversed. (The last part of the story should be saved first and so on.)

Blog List

The Blogroll gadget also looks great and it's very functional. You can add your favorite blogs, or other of your blogs and this gadget will link to them showing the most recent posts.

Search Box
Another gadget that you can't find in the regular Blogger is Search Box. It can be set to search through your blog only, blog and web, or your blogs and the pages you are linked to.

Add Gadget
And finaly I think the most useful thing is that you can search through all gadgets available in Google Code, right from the window that pops up when you click Add Page Element, which in Blogger in Draft is renamed to Add a Gadget. You can search through all gadgets or just one categorie.

So if you "feel adventuroue" try it out! Also you can see the official anouncment on Blogger Buzz or just scroll down below your blog list when you log in to Blogger.