Saturday, July 14, 2007


Agloco is a referral system that i just don't get it.
Actually i get it but i don't like it.
I don't like it because it's based on a software called "viewbar", and the viewbar must be on your screen running all the time, right over the taskbar. The paying system is incomprehensible. They count some kind of hours "spent"on internet while the"viewbar" is running, and how many hours your refferals spent while the viewbar is running. But the word money is avoided all the time. I wonder why? I can't say that it's a scam, because it's not. They pay money because the viewbar shows adds, and you get a commission for that, but the money must be really petty and miserable that refuses to give any info on that, instead they tell you how much you would earn with other sites and services like this (Adsense for example), but how much they pay is a top secret, obviously. I joined but i don't use it, so i am not gonna give you a link with my referral ID, if you want to check it out you know the web address.


Sister2brother said...

Well thank goodness I found somebody else that feels the same way!

All this talk about Agloco had me wondering if I just wasn't seeing what everybody else was seeing (and saying)

So far only Adsense is the program that I would recommend to anybody!

Nightrider said...

Leave Agloco and Adsense.
For Agloco you need to hava a fine number of refferals,and for Adsense you need to have a big traffic.
There are other programs where you can collect really big money.

See ya...