Monday, July 9, 2007


Now, this is my first blog, ever!
The title of my blog is "cashing in on internet?"
Can you really do it?
Will someone pay you just to sit and surf the net and in the meantime to make thousands of dollars?
Many sites claim that they will!!!
But many sites will skrew you over!
You can't make thousands of dollars just by surfing, and filling out surveys, bla bla bla bla...
You can make some money , but thats just some petty cash. Trust me I have tried out many "earn cash" sites and most of them just require your credit card number in order to steal your money.
So for all those who will search for money on the net beware! Don't give away your credit card or PayPal number to any site, choose them carefully because you might regret it. Especially avoid those that promise sums over 500$, not to mention the ones that promise 10000 or even 20000 of dollars.
Now, todays title is Orbitfiles? Do you know what it is?
It's a site that ofers free online storage (6 Gigs, to be exact, and for 9$ 70 Gigs), and the cool thing is that there are no limitations for upload or download. You can share your files with everybody or just with people you like. The money on this site is in their incentive program. Namely they pay 0.10 $ for each of your refferals and minimal pay out sum is 20 $. And I tell you it's hard! I barely made it to 9$! So here is the link, try it out not for the money but for the service they offer.

And, yes, if you sign up I will earn 0.10$, so go ahead make me rich!

Next time I will find some other petty cashing site!


Lady Luck said...

U KNOW, I've seen a lot of websites telling you that you can earn so much from the Internet easily.
But I haven't heard ONCE from a person that REALLY has done it.
Is that your case?

silfiriel said...

nope, all i have earned is some petty cash