Thursday, September 20, 2007

Men , sex and love

Why is it easy for men to have sex without love? (From "first hand" experience, first right hand that is)
There are many studies on how women are more capable for multitsking then men, but I beg to differ, since I know that men can be deeply in love with one woman, while successfully having sex with two other, and if that's not multitasking, I don't know what is!?
Jokes aside, here's a theory that I developed from personal experience. It's really a simple one, possible even already known. So here it goes.
Men experience their first sexual experience at the age of twelve plus or minus a year. And we are talking here about simple, rudimentary, non-interactive experiences, aka "solo missions". So boys early sexuality is solely based on achieving pleasure, without physical contact with another human being, without enjoying the company of someone loved. There's no foreplay, nor longevity of the action. Soon this becomes a habit, that's hard to abandon even when men start having sex with other human beings. So, that's why most men are fast and non emotional when sex is involved, and the desire to achieve sexual pleasure makes men , not picky. The biological instincts have a great deal in this too, and men don't deal much with sense.
While women, thanks to sex being a taboo for almost forever, and women's not so good position in society for centuries are forced to experience sex for first time with another human being and it must be someone they have loved for many a years. (In case if it's not someone they have loved for many a years, society starts a procedure called "labeling", but chances that it was a prearranged marriage are quite good too). However, women are used to having sex with someone else present in the room (or tree, I saw this in an "educational" movie once). Also women have proved to have much stronger will when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires. But I believe that this is socially predetermined, because socially, it was and somewhere still is undesirable for women to express sexuality unless specifically asked to.
To conclude: men having sex with one or more women while in love with totally other women is biologically and socially predetermined, not just because we, the men, are pigs by nature.


Anonymous said...

what time zone are you from ? the midle ages ?

At age 12 I could not believe what the shower head did to me .
in the kama sutra it is mentioned , that a man is like fire , he heats up quicly and cools of at the same rate .
for a woman , she is like water , it takes some time to get cooking , but once she cooks it is very hard to stop .
that is why it is better for a woman to have two man at the same time . once the first is done she can continue with the next.

yes woman can have multiple and very long lasting orgasm . sadly enough a man stuck on his imature masturbation theme ( "me myself and I" ) will never experience this wonder of complete surrender and pure exstasy .
when a woman comes with all her heart mind soul and spirit ahhhhh ......
not even in your wildest dreams of self centred genital friction .

you can justify your flatness of spirit with some sort of silly theory .
it takes real soul tenderness and endurance
to really please a woman .

silfiriel said...

I am afraid that it'ss the time zone that predominates the world. Don't blame me for that. I just said what IS. I didn't wrote this against anybody.

bishopslim said...
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Anonymous said...
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