Saturday, September 8, 2007

Onlywire: Drive Traffic to Your Blog the Easy Way

Onlywire is a social bookmarking service, but you can't view your bookmarks at Onlywire because it's not a bookmarking site only bookmarking service.
Now, what's great about Onlywire is that with only one time bookmarking, (your story , news, site or anything you would normaly submit to any bookmarking site) will be bookmarked on every bookmarking site that you are a member.
This means you need to tell Onlywire the usernames and passwords of your memberships. Some one will object that it is dangerous to reveal that kind of information, but come on, you'll just open another account if anything happens , (or open accounts just for Onlywire)but so far at least for me everything is cool. Plus Onlywire guarantees the privacy as far as they are concerned.
Supported social bookmarking sites are: Backflip, Blogmemes,,, Blinks, Exites, Furl, Spurl, Ma.gnolia, Diigo, Linkatopia, Linkrolls and others I can't think of right now.
What you got to know is that it doesn't work very good with every one of them. So, the bookmarks work just great and from there you can import them or export to Furl or Spurl or Diigo etc. But for this please gather at least 50 bookmarks at because if you do it for each and every bookmark it's no use , just go and bookmark it yourself directly at the site.(If someone doesn't know how, say so in a comment, I'll try to help).
How does Onlywire increase traffic? Well it doesn't , but it's a helpful tool that saves on time that you would spent on bookmarking your stories to the above mentioned services.
Important note: Tagging is very important, it's even more important then putting a title, because the search engines of or Furl or any other service are based on taggs. So don't forget to put tags.
Also, the titles, they are important on a short run, which means make it a interesting , attractive title with a short discription also with words of a great choice.



fmjrey said...

My advice is to stay away from onlywire. I've been using it for a year, and this is the second time it fails silently on me with Simpy, leaving me to manually adjust the missing links I've created for more than 3 weeks (very tedious).
Emailed them, no answer and no fix after a week.
Moreover in their terms of service ( they ask for permission to add sponsored links to your bookmarks using your login.

Silent failure + silent support + silent spam = stay away from them!!!

Anonymous said...

It's good to know what fmjrey said. I almost gave onlyWire my logins for all those accounts.


Anonymous said...

Onlywire is a solid site allowing a single point of blog management. A great innovation.