Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why support the process of Global Warming?

Why support the process of global warming:
-no winters
-the ice caps will melt, which means more humid air, more rains, and thus water problems solved in many countries
- more water means countries like Ethiopia, Sudan can increase the agriculture production, so the "hungry nations" problem solved too
- summer all year long,
- summer through out the year, ladies in bikinis through out the year
- in order to wear a bikini, they will have to work out, be on diets and look like million dollars all the time,
- it's same for for guys too, no matter that guys say they don't pay attention to their looks
- the highest peaks, will shrink down so it will be easier on mountain climbers too
- in Southeast Asia people won't care when it's monsoon season, all year will be hurricane year
- for the Caribbeans too, (oh, that's right the Caribbean islands won't exist, just like the Netherlands)
- many continental countries will become famous sea resorts, tourism will flourish
- many coast line countries will be gone, (oh, well such is life)
- the Eiffel Tower will be the highest "open sea" light house
- Switzerland will be a neutral island, and the future Caymans
- ships and boats will be the main means of transportation, car accidents will decrease.
- all the sunny days will allow us to switch to solar energy, (there won't be much oil anyway)
- Panama won't have to spend zillion dollars to expand the canal
- New York will be renamed into New Atlantis
-will know where New Atlantis was and we'll know what garbage lies on the bottom of the sea so we won't look for it, or wonder what kind of "civilization" lived there.
- smoking won't be blamed as the primary cause for cancer, the ultraviolet rays will take the lead
-there won't be any need of scuba diving gear, mutants can bread underwater too
- there'll be more uninhabited space for nuclear tests
- different nations will be brought to live together as one in peace, (due to limited dry land, plus the devastating war before will make people to come to their senses)
- "Water World" with Kevin Costner will be a clasic. The best movie ever made:)

And that's all I can think off.


waif69 said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one to look forward to the wonderful changes coming. We can capitalize on these changes instead of whining about them.

The earth won't fade away and humans will adapt as they have always done since we have been on this planet. Of course, the water level won't go up too much, but it should be enough to encourage people/governments to look towards ocean colonization. Perhaps OTECs will actually be built resulting in less dependence on fossil fuels. I am so looking forward to these changes!

octopod said...

Does someone have to pay you to be this stupid, or do you actually volunteer?

silfiriel said...

Some one pays me, Mr. Sarcasm

silfiriel said...

Excuse me you were talking to me or the first commenter?

Shauna said...

Yeah i'm sure we'll all be walking around in bikinis in an ice age u fucking twat