Sunday, October 21, 2007

The most boring and yet most posted story is....

Back Again
I am sorry that I haven't been posting much these days. I've been a little busy and I barely had the time to turn on my computer. Also my muse is probably on vacation this month. Anyhow I'm back now with a new story....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Windows Vista SP1, the Dream Crasher

Three months ago I switched from Windows XP to Windows Vista Home Premium. On the web Vista was practically crucified. So I was pleasantly surprised with how it worked on a configuration that was below the recommended. I have a 2.93Ghz Celeron, FX5500 256MB and 512 RAM, and yet Vista with all it's new features worked fine. To be honest it was a little slower than XP, but I didn't mind, plus some applications were in fact faster. Also the incompatibility issue of the programs I had on XP turned out to be non existent, because every program I had worked on XP (and I had a lot) worked on Vista too. So I was satisfied. Windows Vista and the Aero Features looked shiny. I loved it. And also Vista never crashed on my PC.
And then, it came. Windows Vista SP1. And blew away my dreams. I updated my Vista with the 700MB SP1 update file. The installation lasted longer than I installed the entire OS. Ok, I thought, it needs more time to get it together, but when it started for the first time, that was a disappointment. It was terribly slow, and there were 55 processes running. I restarted it again because sometimes it helps, but nooooo. I tried to end some processes , but there weren't any unimportant. I switched the theme appearance to Vista Basic, again slow. Ok , I said , I'll give it a day.
The next day, the story was pretty much the same, so I did the only thing I could, System restore. I hope the people in Microsoft will try a little harder with the final version of Vista's SP1, because this beta officially sucks.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who's pulling strings in FOX?

OK, this might be a little far fetched, but how come Fox is canceling shows that are popular and anti government?
I mean there was "Firefly" with strong anti government, not the US government, but the storyline was in a future political system where the heroes were outcasts with strong feelings for the system (they strongly didn't like it).
And there's also "Futurama", also in the future, but a political satire of todays political system, mocking the present political figures and their actions.
So, my question is why Fox cancels shows that make people think with their own heads? Is someone telling Fox to do this? And who might that someone be?

The reason for this post is that two stories with just rumors for a Serenity sequel are in top 10 Digg stories, and also the coming back of Futurama.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bookmarking drops your daily eCPM

Bookmarking your stories with any social bookmarking sites, brings a lot of traffic to your site or blog, which is more then important for your AdSense revenue. But "bookmarked" traffic has one big problem. It is targeted.
The visitors that come to your blog through a bookmarked link only came there to view the story , and maybe some other stories too, but they won't click on any adds. On the other hand the visitors that come to your blog through search engines are different. Some of them find what they were looking for, and some don't. So these visitors that don't find the desired content are the potential ad clickers. However you can't and you mustn't abandon bookmarking your stories in total, because bookmarking improves your search engine visibility. So my advice is to be moderate in bookmarking. And forget about spaming.