Monday, October 1, 2007

Bookmarking drops your daily eCPM

Bookmarking your stories with any social bookmarking sites, brings a lot of traffic to your site or blog, which is more then important for your AdSense revenue. But "bookmarked" traffic has one big problem. It is targeted.
The visitors that come to your blog through a bookmarked link only came there to view the story , and maybe some other stories too, but they won't click on any adds. On the other hand the visitors that come to your blog through search engines are different. Some of them find what they were looking for, and some don't. So these visitors that don't find the desired content are the potential ad clickers. However you can't and you mustn't abandon bookmarking your stories in total, because bookmarking improves your search engine visibility. So my advice is to be moderate in bookmarking. And forget about spaming.

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