Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How To Remove The Grub Loader?

How to remove the Grub Loader after deleting Ubuntu?

OK, I know there isn't a legitimate reason to remove Ubuntu from a Vista dual boot, but I was low on hard disk space and I really needed it. Not good enough reason??? Well I just had to do it. Seriously, Ubuntu was all I expected, and it crossed many bridges in a very short time, in a year or two it will overcome Windows in performance , but not just yet.
So, here's what I did. I deleted the Ubuntu partition from the Vista Disk Managment Console and when I restarted the PC, the Windows wouldn't start because of a Grub Loader Error 17. Whatever.... If someone does this, here's how to fix it.

1.First you gonna need the Windows Vista Installation DVD.*
2.Boot from the DVD, choose the time zone and language (but make sure your keyboard supports the language, instead choose English and afterwards change it).
3.In the next window choose "Repair".
4.And than select Command Prompt.
5.In the Command Prompt Window write this lines one after another:


/xcopy bootmgr C:\

The result of each line might not be successful, but it doesn't matter, the first two lines are essential, (and maybe the 4th)and if they appear all right, write down the rest just in case.

*Actually what I needed first was the Ubuntu Live CD to connect to the internet and look for help. So here's also how to connect to internet (dsl connection) in Ubuntu:
1.Open a Terminal (in System>Accsesories)
2.Write sudo pppoeconf
3. A window will open asking a couple of questions, select YES to all, except when you are prompt about the username and password where logicaly you will write down your username (from your internet provider account) and the password.
4. Make sure when your asked at the end if you wanna connect to the internet NOW, also select YES.

Note: The Ubuntu Live CD might come in handy whenever you can't start your system. Just boot from it, access your Windows hard drives from there (in Places>Computer) and you can transfer any files you need to a Flash Drive or burn them on a CD/DVD. Or if you just want to check your e-mail, or surf the internet.


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than / then

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silfiriel said...

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Wow thanks that really saved my butt. I did the same thing you did.

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