Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Windows Vista Power Plans

Yesterday by chance, I switched my power plan from "Balanced" to "Power Saver" (Personalize>Screen Saver>Change Power Settings...). I didn't do for any reason, just thought , hey let's change it!
But later that day, my PC started to slow down, I couldn't play a movie, everything worked glitchy, and there was this "brainwashing like" quiet, sound coming out, so I restarted the computer but it was still problematic.
By now the sound was really annoying, so I just shut down the system and went to bed. And there it hit me! The power plan change!
Today I set the power plan to "Performance".
I don't know if the Power Plan was the reason for my PC's problematic behavior, because as far as I know the Power Plans are different only by the time set for Display Shut Down and Sleep, however it's the only reason to explain it.

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