Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Ultimate Extras Available.

As from yesterday there are three new Ultimate Extras features available in Windows Update for the Vista Ultimate users.

There are two new sound schmese for Windows
-Ultimate Extra Glass
-Ultimate Extra Pearl
I can't really say which is better, because both have some good and bad in them. For example Pearl has minimize/restore sound, but Glass doesn't. Glass has also pretty weird explorer navigation sounds, but some might like it. Glass has better logg off/exit sounds, and a new Empty Recycle Bin sound. If they could just make a mix of these two...

There are also three new Dreamscenes available. (Dreamscene Content pack#3)
here are some screenshots. (You can use them as wallpapers).

The Dripping Green Leaf is my favorite and I am currently using it.

Dripping Ice

Autumn Leaves

More Dreamscenes for Download

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