Saturday, April 19, 2008

Windows Explorer Restarts

In this post I am asking for a little help. A virus got to my computer and although I removed it, the windows explorer quits after I open a folder, any folder (sometimes it restarts, sometimes it doesn't so I restart it from Run).
I tried Hijack This, Spybot, and other spyware removal tools, but nothing works.
In system32 there's a file called iifDvwvw.dll, it's installed as a helper object in Internet Explorer, but it's impossible to remove it even in Safe Mode. (Also I tried to remove it with spyware removal tools). Deleting doesn't work because it says that "the file is opened in another program".

So can anyone who runs Vista Ultimate SP1, copy their explorer.exe (C:/Windows/explorer.exe) zip it and send me the file to Or uploaded somewhere and give me a link?



Daniel said...

did you manage to fix your problem?
I was reading your post... i'm about to install ubuntu on my home desktop pc running on windows xp, tried running Vista on this machine it got aliitle slow.

silfiriel said...

I did fix the problem, It turns out it was a virtumundo virus, which I removed with Spybot.
What are the specs of your machine?