Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to fix the rc.local problem on Ubuntu Hardy

(When rc.local hangs at boot)

I installed Hardy Heron (dual boot with Vista) and it was working fine with the nvidia-glx-new drivers (8500 GT). But the TV-out didn't work or I don't know how to set it up and I installed Envyng, and from than on everything got messed up. The system would boot to the point where the rc.local script runs (which is unedited) than hang and boot in low-res. I uninstalled envy and reinstalled the drivers from synaptic but it still didn't work. Booting in recovery mode only helps the current session, or you would have to boot in recovery mode always, but the desktop effects will be pour. THE SOLUTION IS THIS:

1. First uninstall Envy, nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-new. (there's a chance you might need to remove compiz too, but first try it like this)
2. Download the latest NVIDIA drivers for Linux. (here's a download link, or visit and download the driver from there)
3. After downloading you need to install it. This is actually the fix, installing this beta driver. How to install it:
-save the file in a folder (Ex. Documents), but remember or write down the path to that folder (/home/username/Documents)
-exit the X enviroment Ctrl+Alt+FF2
-login again and use this lines one by one:

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

cd /home/username/Document

(Note: you can use any folder to save the file as long as you know how to get to it, this is an example. Just make sure the file is in that folder. BTW this is not a line just a note don't write this)

sudo sh

(Accept everything, even if it seems to complicated, all you need to do is select Yes and OK)

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start

sudo reboot

That's it, your computer will restart, and you will need to adjust the resolution, choose the model of your screen and fix here and there something but the main problem will be fixed. For example with me at first the windows were incomplete, but after I chose driver, screen and screen resolution in Screen and Graphics it fixed the problem)

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