Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adsense Between Posts

As from recently Google and Blogger allow and enable ad units between posts. To turn on this, log in to, click Layout and then click Edit in the post field. Check "show ads between post" and customize the appearance.
The ad units can appear only three times per page, and you can choose whether to show ads after every post, every other post, after every third post and so on. But if your ad units shows three times on a page you can be sure that some of the other Adsense units won't make an appearance.
I doubt this will improve blog monetization, for a bigger percent, because Google doesn't miscalculate.


Monday, August 27, 2007

How to increase traffic to your blog? part 2

Netscape and it's power

This story bookmarking site is very powerful when it comes to increasing traffic to your site, but YOU GOT TO BE CAREFUL, NOT TO MISS USE IT. So what you need is to create an account with Netscape and submit your stories (posts) in the appropriate category on Netscape. That would be enough to increase your blog visitors for at least 100 visitors daily, worst case scenario and best case is thousands, possible 10000 visitors the first day. This varies depending on the story popularity, which means you gotta make an effort to publish an interesting story.
Now what I've advised so far most certainly contains miss use, because publishing only your stuff will sooner or later get you BANNED AND REMOVED!!?? from their service. Someone might say "well, I'll just make another account", but then you are on a good way to get your blog or site banned on Netscape forever. So, here's how to keep it in a limit:

1. Don't post stories from your blog on Netscape every day.(Ok, this one is a given but read on.) Skip at least one day, and post stories from other bloggers too. If you have more then one blog then still post on Netscape only one story every other day , but make sure your blogs are well linked, that way the traffic from the blog that's been "advertised" on Netscape will pass on to the other blogs. Note: publishing stories from other sites is very important, because it shows our unselfishness, and make them good stories, don't publish stories just to publish. Be kind and good with Netscape and it's membership and Netscape will return with even greater kindness.

2.Be careful with the way you explain the story, don't use any vulgar words, don't use hate speech etc. Also don't use the same tag words many times. The content you publish also keep in mind that pornographic materials or any other that's controversy is unwelcome. Note: you will notice that this rule is broken on Netscape, but what do you think how does someone gets banned? I mean the Netscape Team are a bunch of great folks and tolerate some of this, but don't over do it! Best try to avoid it completely!

3. Well I guess there isn't anything left for number three.

How do I know this? From experience. It's the best way to learn, but damn, it's a hard one.
The good thing about Netscape is that even the published links (stories) appear in search engine results. And you can imagine how I felt when I got banned with over 100 links of my own published there. But that's life, now I know better. I am a little angry at Netscape, but you can't really blame the people, I would've done the same.

Pozdrav! Bye!

How to increase traffic to your blog or site? part 1

Feedburner (Or "give your blog a nudge over the edge")

When it comes to site feed services Feedburner is most likely the best service there is. (And i don't say this because I use it, although I am planing on a little experimenting and try some other site feed providers)
Why is Feedburner so great?
First, Feedburner is free as are all it's features and services.
Second, Feedburner is flexible as the very own definition of flexibility propose. (it's very flexible if someone didn't understand). This means you can use it with every feed reader. Podcasters are also able to post thier audio or video content.
Third, Feedburner offers feed stats as well as site stats, and from experience they are very accurate.
Fourth, you can give your site a nudge over the edge....a.k.a boost the visitors numbers. How?
Feedburner has almost every tool imaginable to optimize your blog for getting more visitors of which the most important one and the most effective is the Feed Flare feature.
Feed Flare adds to every post of your blog a direct link to a wide choice of bookmarking service. This way people who are members of the bookmarking services can automatically share your story with the other members of their community. You have a choice for over 100 bookmarking sites including Netscape, Digg, Ma.gnolia, Furl, and many others, and you can choose whether the feedflare link should show only in the feed or in the site or blog, or both.
Another tool is the "ping shot", this gives an automatic ping whenever you post to a great deal of newsgators so that the specific service would index your content at their servers. (Technorati, Alexa, Snap, etc). There are about 5 default of these services and you can choose up to five more. So if someone who is a member of Technorati is your subscriber and has bookmarked your blog at Technorati he will receive your content fresh and steaming without any efforts from your side.
The "chiklet chooser". This is the "subscribe" icon for your blog, There are icons for the most popular feed readers to embed in your blog, plus there is a widget for e-mail subscription, so your readers can get your post through e-mail.
Buzz boost. These feature gives you the HTML Code for a xml widget to publicize on other site or blogs if you have. Visually it's not the best looking girl/guy in the neighborhood, so that's why you have the headline animator. The headline animator is customized to your likings and it rotates the latest headlines of your blog. This tool is also for embedding in other blogs, or sites.
And, because I am getting kinda lazy, I will explain what else can do Feedburner in future posts. (To tell you the truth and be perfectly honest too, I have no idea what to write anymore, but I'm sure there is, I just need a little time.)

Pozdrav! Bye!

Friday, August 24, 2007

How to index your blog at Yahoo?

Hi, I am very happy to tell you bla bla bla bla...huh

So this is how:

it's almost the same way as google indexing.

1. I guess you're guessing by now that you need a Yahoo account (Yahoo mail at least), if you don't go create one and then come back, (but really is there anybody out there that doesn't Yahoo or Google). Oh and one more thing, I don't want you to think that I earn something from all this "go create" stuff)

2.So once you have that account go to, sign in with your yahoo username , write down the address of your blog (again without http:// or www),next click Add my site.

3.Once you've added the site it will say Not Authenticated. Click that button, and choose metod of authentication, which is with Meta tag again. Copy the text (ex.: , again just like google indexing beware that this text must end with />, I stress this because it happens the given text to end with just >, and that's a mistake)

4. Go to click Layout of your blog, then click Edit HTML, and paste the given text from Yahoo beneath this text , and above the google meta tag text. (if you already google indexed it).
Click Save Template then go to Yahoo Siteexplorer and click Authenticate.

5.That's it! For more detailed go to my previous post where it's explained how to index your site at google.
It's very similar, just different terms are used.

6. To add a sitemap at Yahoo Site explorer (I almost forgot this, and it's so important) go to Manage, and add feed, again you will just need to add atom.xml)


One thing is sure, blogging is time consuming.

Pozdrav! Bye!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

How to index your blog at Google?

And so the post goes:

1. First if you don't have a Google account (gmail or whatever google service), go at and create one, then come back and finish this.

2. Now go to, and there choose Webmaster tools (including sitemaps, this sitemaps is very important one), sign in with the your google username and password.

3.Somewhere on the page you will find Add Website, click on it, and in the required field write down your blog's address (Note: without the http:// and without www.. If you choose to disobey this , abort the procedure now, cause it will be useless to continue)

4. Here comes the tricky part:
- open another window or better TAB if your browser has tabs, and go to, sign in and choose Layout, from your blog options. In the layout page go to Edit HTML, once the HTML text opens return back to the webmaster TAB.
-now you will need to verify your blog, go to manage your blog, and then Verify your site which will bring you to the next page. From the little box, choose choose Meta Tags. Bellow the box will appear a strange text foe ex. (). Select the text. right click Copy.
- go to your opend Tab of and in the HTML text somewhere in the beginning you will find this text , right beneath this Paste the previously copied text. (Note: if your text ends with just > , please make it />). Then scroll down and click save template.
- Now return to Webmaster and press Ready to verify. (If it's not succeseful, just go to and click Save Template again , and then again Ready to verify)
5. Phew! Now that we've done this (hopefully), it's time to add a sitemap. Why? Because the sitemap will tell google about your new posts. (in short, but it's the truth I swear, I just feel kinda lazy to explain everything. Plus you don't really need to know this)
6. 6? Really? It's not like point five was a step, Ok lets go to 7.
7. Now select Manage, find and click Add a Sitemap, from the box choose General sitemap and Google Webmaster will automatically insert the address of your blog except the end where you will add atom.xml, and then click Add sitemap or Finish (I am not sure what it says I am writing this from my mind as I've remembered it)

Step 8: That's it.

Next post: I am not sure, it will either be how to index your blog at Yahoo, or I will introduce you to FeedBurner.

I apologize for the bed speling. If there was any, I am a genius after all, or a fool. It's not like there is any difference.

Pozdrav! Srcinja tie!( I bet this one is a brainer to read). It says See ya! (in short....)

System Restore

I had a problem with my Windows Vista, so I was searching through the net to find solution. I accidentally ran on a forum were some people were "advising" to turn of the System Restore feature. Really? Turn off System Restore!? Ok , I guess that's not so bad, some people are just "free disk space" freaks, and in order to achieve maximum free storage space they turn off the Restore feature. But it's sad that most of the people on the forum agreed to that advise.
Now let me ask you, do you know what can a virus or a worm or a trojan can do to your computer? Do you know how many beta versions software freezes the system at start up? (Kaspersky, Panda, Comodo, BitDefender, Personal Firewalls). Do you know how many stable versions software freezes the system at start up? (Panda, Komodo, BitDefender,Personal Firewalls, Kaspersky in rare cases). But that's not so bad! Well it's not if system restore is ON. If your system freezes at start up because of a software you installed, don't worry you can fix it easy, something like this, (not something but exactly like this):

1.Power on

2.While starting press F8

3.From the screen choose the Safe Mode (or Safe Mode with networking)

4.And the system will start.

5.Go to Help and Support and then Undo changes to your computer with System Restore

6. From there on it's easy, you'll manage on your own.
(BTW, System restore doesn't effect files, so everything you have will stay intact, even if you restore to a point five days ago, documents , songs, images saved yesterday will remain)

Now some one will say, why not just uninstall the software? Because you can't. It's Safe Mode, you can't install, you can't uninstall, hell, you can't even put a desktop wallpaper.

So for the last time, DON'T turn off System Restore. If you want more free space downsize the reserved System Restore space to minimum (right click on My Computer, Properties, System Restore Tab, Set), so there would be only one Restore Point, but don't turn it off, because you will find yourself in a situation for just 1Gig of disk space to reinstall the enitre OS! (It's not that hard , but just think of the annihilation of every image, song, movie, document you have. If you reinstalling yourself, I guess you'll safe something. But if the OS is password protected, like most vendors do, you will have to take the computer to reinstalling the OS and they'll charge you, heavily).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to create a blog?

Me personaly preffer Blogger dot com blog, which means a blog. Why? Because it's simple, easy and professional. So lets cut the the chase:

1. First what you need is a google account, if you have a Gmail account that'll do, if not go to and create one it's free and open to register.

2.Now that you have a Google account go to and sign in with your Gmail account (it's not Gmail specificaly though , you can use this for any Google service.

3.Once you sign in , you can start creating your blog in three easy steps:
-first you need to choose name of your blog, and the address (it will look like
-then you need to choose a template for your blog (the basic visual settings which you can change at any time)
-start posting (this is a tricky one, trust me, and I'll tell you why. Because it's hard to find a good idea and content for posting, even if you have it in your head like the best idea ever, on screen might not work for you, but lets hope it's only me like that)
So that's it, you have a blog now.


1. First tip is about the posting. Be sure even before you create the blog that you have a good idea, with much stories that complete each other or are connected anyhow. Or forget this and write off hand for whatever comes to your mind. Second handed tip: if you don't have a good sense for humor, I'd give up now. Seriously, even if a story is dead serious, use humor, readers like it, and they like it a lot.

2.See that the template you choose fits the content of your blog. I mean the colors are important. (If you don't agree, fine , be like that , but you'll see how much time you'll spend choosing the template).

3.After you start posting gear up your blog. Add stuff like calendars, stats counters (this is almost obligatory, and choose a counter service with more features, there are a lot and free too.)

4.This one is a very important one. You need to "google" and "yahoo" index it (make your content available for their search engines). The process for this could be difficult but we'll manage when it comes to it. (If someone got to it please comment, I'll explain it, although I'll do it anyway later in the posts)
Why is this important? Because of traffic, sooner or later when the content of your blog grows, there will be visitors that come from search engines).

There will be more tips later, I am going to bed now. I'm tired.
Next post will get to the indexing stuff. There will be some tips for like how to make your blog better for google to index it and to rank higher in the search results.
Ok , now I am going to bed.
But, wait ... nope I said it all. Bye.
But you must know I don't say "but wait" in wane, I had a "light bulb" moment, which has to be explained later so that you would be able to make your blog popular.
Bye now! OMG I've been sleeping on one eye all along!

Why create a Blog?

Blogs and blogging became the fastest growing and the most popular feature of the Web 2.0. So nowadays everybody can have a web-site. Some may say blogs aren't web-sites, but with a little HTML knowledge, and an interesting theme, you 've got a website my friend and nothing less.
Why create a blog?

1. Because it's free (mostly), there are paid blog services but the free ones aren't left to eat dirt in the mud, in fact they are leading (in quantity and quality).
2.It's your way of easier communication with friends and with wide anonymous public. You can make your blog closed only for friends or make it a public site for anyone to see, comment or even post along with you.
3.You can create a full-featured blog within minutes, literally. The procedure can never be anymore simpler. And you've got at disposal thousands of free gadgets for every blog domain. (clocks, calendars, stat counters, weather forecast, polls and surveys, quizes etc., just like I said, a web-site, nothing less)
4.Blogs can earn you money. How? We'll see later, first we need to create the blog and make it a good one so there any traffic goes there.
5.Even if you aren't a computer wiz, the more bigger reason to try and make one, because this will prepare you for the next era, hell this will prepare you to survive through this era too.

So , don't wait the last minute when blogs will be forgotten to create a blog, start now.
Next post. How...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why use Firefox? part 7

Because Firefox sings with all the voices.
Because Firefox delivers images in million colors.
Because Firefox "feeds" the easy way.
Because Firefox shares the news fast.
Because Firefox walks the thousands miles to your friends.
Because Firefox makes it quick.
Because Firefox improves daily to your likings.
Because Firefox means ability.
Because Firefox reads thousands of books.
Because Firefox brings the cinema at home.
Because Firefox knows all the languages in cybertopia.
Because evidently, Firefox comes FULLY EQUIPPED.

So, why not use Firefox?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why use Firefox: The 6th Sense

Because Firefox helps you reach the unknown.
Because Firefox develops your imagination.
Because Firefox exists beyond our realms too.
Because Firefox transcends time and space.
Because Firefox isn't bound to reality.
Because Firefox understands cybertopia.
Because Firefox stands with the feet on the ground, and
Because Firefox keeps the eyes towards the stars.
Because Firefox works through mysterious web-ways.
Because Firefox creates magic.
Because, no doubt about it, Firefox is FANTASY.

So, why not use Firefox?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Why use Firefox: VR5

Because Firefox energize.
Because Firefox plays in high quality.
Because Firefox entertains cybertopia.
Because Firefox never stops.
Because Firefox tolerates.
Because Firefox knows no age, it's ageless.
Because Firefox simplifies.
Because Firefox knows the best jokes.
Because Firefox re-discovers joy.
Becasuse, after all Firefox is FUN.

So, why not use Firefox?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why use Firefox: Episode IV: New Hope

Because Firefox predicts changes.
Because Firefox encourages changes.
Because Firefox constantly evolves.
Because Firefox revolutionizes cybertopia.
Because Firefox gives spirit to new things.
Because Firefox doesn't hesitate to change, nor fears changing.
Because Firefox enhances before it's time to.
Because Firefox trusts in changing for better.
Because Firefox believes changes make the world better.
Because Firefox believes changing achieves perfection.
Because in heart Firefox is FAITH.

So, why not use Firefox?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Why use Firefox: Firefox Revolutions

Because Firefox cares for cybertopia.*
Because Firefox shows respect.
Because Firefox protects.
Because Firefox adapts to us.
Because Firefox creates for us.
Because Firefox believes in prosperity.
Because Firefox engages in prosperity
Because Firefox teaches love.
because Firefox stands up for equality.
Because Firefox depicts the human spirit.
Because in truth Firefox is FILANTHROPY.

So, why not use Firefox?

*this doesn't refer this blog , but much larger concept

Monday, August 6, 2007

Why use Firefox: Firefox Reloaded

Because Firefox excels.
Because Firefox fulfills.
Because Firefox contributes to cybertopia.
Because Firefox reveals.
Because Firefox explores beyond the horizons.
Because Firefox expands the limits.
Because Firefox knows no limits.
Because Firefox broadens your perspective.
Because Firefox reinvents itself.
Because Firefox reinvents others.
Because ultimately Firefox is FUTURE.

So, why not use Firefox?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why use Firefox?

Because Firefox stands apart from the crowd.
Because Firefox proved little fish can swim up stream.
Because Firefox dignifies.
Because Firefox reaches to us.
Because Firefox strengthens our individuality.
Because Firefox unites.
Because Firefox defys power.
Because Firefox is power.
Because Firefox sees through the nature of things.
Because Firefox liberates the repressed.
Because Firefox inspires the uncreative.
Because Firefox leads the cybertopia.
Because in essence Firefox is FREEDOM.

So, why not use Firefox?

The post above

The post above is one way of how to make money. I can't say that i will definetly make money of it, but the point is to open your mind to anything, try out new stuff. Avoid the standards and be creative. Although the post above is too aggressive to achieve anything, the potential of it is not to be underestimated. Surprises happen everyday, but for this one to work you would need a miracle.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kontera Publishers

What is Kontera?
Kontera is a service that provides contentlink adds for many advertisers. So if you have a website don't hesitate to use Kontera. First u need ti sign up for the publishers program where u will get the code paste it in your site and the money will start rolling. Soon words from your site will become contentlinks, they will be double-hyper linked, in whichever color you choose. You can change the color in the code, where it says color. Ok, so my main point is that Kontera is legitimate service, it works just like any "middleman". Advwertisers pay Kontera, and Kontera pays the publishers based on the clicks on the contentlinks. A key factor I guess for higher revenues would be the website traffic.
Once you sign up, you will have to wait for at least for a day so that your site will be reviewed, and you will be notified by e-mail, that you can start earning money.