Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adsense Between Posts

As from recently Google and Blogger allow and enable ad units between posts. To turn on this, log in to, click Layout and then click Edit in the post field. Check "show ads between post" and customize the appearance.
The ad units can appear only three times per page, and you can choose whether to show ads after every post, every other post, after every third post and so on. But if your ad units shows three times on a page you can be sure that some of the other Adsense units won't make an appearance.
I doubt this will improve blog monetization, for a bigger percent, because Google doesn't miscalculate.


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Spirit Fly said...

Hey, I was looking for answer on this since I started my blog, but the only solution I have found on some blog was to alter the adsense code. It was was confirmed with green light by google that it is ok to do this, but I found it not that practical since the code would have showed between every post and if you have like 5 posts on your page it was going to break the rules.

Now this is some great news, I'm going to implement it right away! I'm not sure if they made adsense channels available for blogger yet?