Monday, August 27, 2007

How to increase traffic to your blog or site? part 1

Feedburner (Or "give your blog a nudge over the edge")

When it comes to site feed services Feedburner is most likely the best service there is. (And i don't say this because I use it, although I am planing on a little experimenting and try some other site feed providers)
Why is Feedburner so great?
First, Feedburner is free as are all it's features and services.
Second, Feedburner is flexible as the very own definition of flexibility propose. (it's very flexible if someone didn't understand). This means you can use it with every feed reader. Podcasters are also able to post thier audio or video content.
Third, Feedburner offers feed stats as well as site stats, and from experience they are very accurate.
Fourth, you can give your site a nudge over the edge....a.k.a boost the visitors numbers. How?
Feedburner has almost every tool imaginable to optimize your blog for getting more visitors of which the most important one and the most effective is the Feed Flare feature.
Feed Flare adds to every post of your blog a direct link to a wide choice of bookmarking service. This way people who are members of the bookmarking services can automatically share your story with the other members of their community. You have a choice for over 100 bookmarking sites including Netscape, Digg, Ma.gnolia, Furl, and many others, and you can choose whether the feedflare link should show only in the feed or in the site or blog, or both.
Another tool is the "ping shot", this gives an automatic ping whenever you post to a great deal of newsgators so that the specific service would index your content at their servers. (Technorati, Alexa, Snap, etc). There are about 5 default of these services and you can choose up to five more. So if someone who is a member of Technorati is your subscriber and has bookmarked your blog at Technorati he will receive your content fresh and steaming without any efforts from your side.
The "chiklet chooser". This is the "subscribe" icon for your blog, There are icons for the most popular feed readers to embed in your blog, plus there is a widget for e-mail subscription, so your readers can get your post through e-mail.
Buzz boost. These feature gives you the HTML Code for a xml widget to publicize on other site or blogs if you have. Visually it's not the best looking girl/guy in the neighborhood, so that's why you have the headline animator. The headline animator is customized to your likings and it rotates the latest headlines of your blog. This tool is also for embedding in other blogs, or sites.
And, because I am getting kinda lazy, I will explain what else can do Feedburner in future posts. (To tell you the truth and be perfectly honest too, I have no idea what to write anymore, but I'm sure there is, I just need a little time.)

Pozdrav! Bye!

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