Monday, August 27, 2007

How to increase traffic to your blog? part 2

Netscape and it's power

This story bookmarking site is very powerful when it comes to increasing traffic to your site, but YOU GOT TO BE CAREFUL, NOT TO MISS USE IT. So what you need is to create an account with Netscape and submit your stories (posts) in the appropriate category on Netscape. That would be enough to increase your blog visitors for at least 100 visitors daily, worst case scenario and best case is thousands, possible 10000 visitors the first day. This varies depending on the story popularity, which means you gotta make an effort to publish an interesting story.
Now what I've advised so far most certainly contains miss use, because publishing only your stuff will sooner or later get you BANNED AND REMOVED!!?? from their service. Someone might say "well, I'll just make another account", but then you are on a good way to get your blog or site banned on Netscape forever. So, here's how to keep it in a limit:

1. Don't post stories from your blog on Netscape every day.(Ok, this one is a given but read on.) Skip at least one day, and post stories from other bloggers too. If you have more then one blog then still post on Netscape only one story every other day , but make sure your blogs are well linked, that way the traffic from the blog that's been "advertised" on Netscape will pass on to the other blogs. Note: publishing stories from other sites is very important, because it shows our unselfishness, and make them good stories, don't publish stories just to publish. Be kind and good with Netscape and it's membership and Netscape will return with even greater kindness.

2.Be careful with the way you explain the story, don't use any vulgar words, don't use hate speech etc. Also don't use the same tag words many times. The content you publish also keep in mind that pornographic materials or any other that's controversy is unwelcome. Note: you will notice that this rule is broken on Netscape, but what do you think how does someone gets banned? I mean the Netscape Team are a bunch of great folks and tolerate some of this, but don't over do it! Best try to avoid it completely!

3. Well I guess there isn't anything left for number three.

How do I know this? From experience. It's the best way to learn, but damn, it's a hard one.
The good thing about Netscape is that even the published links (stories) appear in search engine results. And you can imagine how I felt when I got banned with over 100 links of my own published there. But that's life, now I know better. I am a little angry at Netscape, but you can't really blame the people, I would've done the same.

Pozdrav! Bye!

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