Thursday, August 23, 2007

How to index your blog at Google?

And so the post goes:

1. First if you don't have a Google account (gmail or whatever google service), go at and create one, then come back and finish this.

2. Now go to, and there choose Webmaster tools (including sitemaps, this sitemaps is very important one), sign in with the your google username and password.

3.Somewhere on the page you will find Add Website, click on it, and in the required field write down your blog's address (Note: without the http:// and without www.. If you choose to disobey this , abort the procedure now, cause it will be useless to continue)

4. Here comes the tricky part:
- open another window or better TAB if your browser has tabs, and go to, sign in and choose Layout, from your blog options. In the layout page go to Edit HTML, once the HTML text opens return back to the webmaster TAB.
-now you will need to verify your blog, go to manage your blog, and then Verify your site which will bring you to the next page. From the little box, choose choose Meta Tags. Bellow the box will appear a strange text foe ex. (). Select the text. right click Copy.
- go to your opend Tab of and in the HTML text somewhere in the beginning you will find this text , right beneath this Paste the previously copied text. (Note: if your text ends with just > , please make it />). Then scroll down and click save template.
- Now return to Webmaster and press Ready to verify. (If it's not succeseful, just go to and click Save Template again , and then again Ready to verify)
5. Phew! Now that we've done this (hopefully), it's time to add a sitemap. Why? Because the sitemap will tell google about your new posts. (in short, but it's the truth I swear, I just feel kinda lazy to explain everything. Plus you don't really need to know this)
6. 6? Really? It's not like point five was a step, Ok lets go to 7.
7. Now select Manage, find and click Add a Sitemap, from the box choose General sitemap and Google Webmaster will automatically insert the address of your blog except the end where you will add atom.xml, and then click Add sitemap or Finish (I am not sure what it says I am writing this from my mind as I've remembered it)

Step 8: That's it.

Next post: I am not sure, it will either be how to index your blog at Yahoo, or I will introduce you to FeedBurner.

I apologize for the bed speling. If there was any, I am a genius after all, or a fool. It's not like there is any difference.

Pozdrav! Srcinja tie!( I bet this one is a brainer to read). It says See ya! (in short....)


silver fox said...

Thank you! :)

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hay is this gonna work..thanks then..