Thursday, November 22, 2007

Visual Effects: Vista vs. Ubuntu

What did Microsoft did wrong with Windows Vista?

They got greedy, that's what!
No, seriously, (although greed is not to be excluded completely), one of the biggest mistakes with Windows Vista is the hardware support/need. Billy claims that Vista was built to support high-end technology, when in fact high-end tech is the only tech Vista is able to run on. And it runs on it like a lazy dog. I installed Vista soon after it was launched and I was satisfied , I still am, because everything was functional, there were no crashes, while on the net the rumors were not so kind. It's a little slow, but at least I don't have to worry about epileptic seizures.
One would wonder why am I writing this? Because of the visual effects, and the realese of Ubuntu 7.10.
I installed Ubuntu in a dual boot with Vista, and let me tell you from one regular CD, you get much more than Vista's 2,3 Gigs DVD. The visual effects are astonishing, I can start explaining now, which OS which effects has, but it wouldn't do any good, because what Ubuntu can do is beyond any imagination of a Windows user, especially after Windows introduced the "WOW" effect (Aero Themes, transparency and 3D Flip). I though that what Vista does is excruciatingly beautiful, until I saw this video, which is the main reason to install Ubuntu along with Vista.

And this is how visual effects run on a PIII,800Hz, 128 RAM and GeForce 2 32MB.

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