Saturday, March 21, 2009

Windows 7 RC1 in Screenshots

Rumor has it that in mid April this year Microsoft will start shipping the first release candidate of the much praised Windows 7. Other roumer has it that the first RC is the leaked build 7057. Anyhow here are some screenshots of the last build, which is 7057, to get a glimpse of the look and feel of the new mMicrosoft wonder. It's not an in-depth review, just a couple of screenshots focused on the visual.

This is the standard Aero Flip introduced in Vista.

The new Aero Peek feature in action.

In this build Alt+Tab also features Aero Peek, which wawsn't the case in the previous Windows 7 builds.

The Control Panel showing all items.

The desktop context menu. Notice the new "Screen Resolution" and "Gadgets" entries.

This is the same theme color changer. But on this screenshots you can see the large icons on the new dock-like taskbar. (Which is quite awesome and functional, by the way). While on the screenshot below you can see the taskbar with small icons and the Star Menu with the new Start Button.

Gadgets floating on desktop without the sidebar. I am not a fan of desktop gadgets anyway, but losing the sidebar is great.

The jumplists, with the most recent open files. Interesting is you can pin files to the jumplist that you use more often. Or folders you open on a regular base can also be pined to the jumplist of the windows explorer icon.

This is the new "libriries" feature. Librires contain all the folders of your PC with similar content, and you can orginize them yuorself. For example you can place folders from different partitions in the picture library for fast access, while physicaly the folders are still in their original locations. Some sort of shortcuts you might say.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Windows 7 RC1 in Screenshots

The notificatoin area, and cosumizing for it.

Show Desktop icon is not an icon now, but the end of the taskbar, where if you float with the mouse pointer yo get all windows transparent (Aero Peek), and clicking on at the end of the taskbar, minimizes all windows and sjows the desktop.

Snaping windows by draging them to the edge of the screen. Draging to the left or right expands the windows to half of the screen, while draging to the top maximizes the window.

The Snipping tool, for capturing the screen or parts of it in action (taking screenshots).

Solitaire. Nothing new, just few more backgrounds and I had to post it because it's the first game everybody plays.

A little closer look of the Start Menu.

Sticky Notes.

Taskbar Properties.

The action center, which replaces the Security center.

The new calculator.

Desktop Slideshow.

Windows Paint with the new ribbon interface, and below is Wordpad.

Windows explorer.

You can find the wallpaper here, as many other Windows 7 wallpapers too.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

And This is How you Do It!

So, it' Thursday, March 19 and Internet Explorer is shipping today. What a happy day, for those testing Windows 7, since I am working for a week now without IE on my PC, not just IE8, but no IE in general. I don't want to be like one of those Microsoft bashers because Windows 7 rocks, but Internet Explorer is like the slowest, the most insecure browsers currently on the market. And this is how you turn it off and remove it, in Windows 7 Beta at least.

1. Open Computer>Uninstall or Change Program>Turn Windows Features On or Off

2. This is the Default state of optional Windows features. As you can see IE8 is checked.

3. IF you want to remove Internet Explorer 8 you unchecked. And since I don't use Windows Media Center and don't have a Tablet PC I unchecked those features as well.

And then you click OK.

And after two restarts (depends on what you unchecked) you have a n Internet Explorer Free PC.
That's How you Do It!

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