Thursday, March 19, 2009

And This is How you Do It!

So, it' Thursday, March 19 and Internet Explorer is shipping today. What a happy day, for those testing Windows 7, since I am working for a week now without IE on my PC, not just IE8, but no IE in general. I don't want to be like one of those Microsoft bashers because Windows 7 rocks, but Internet Explorer is like the slowest, the most insecure browsers currently on the market. And this is how you turn it off and remove it, in Windows 7 Beta at least.

1. Open Computer>Uninstall or Change Program>Turn Windows Features On or Off

2. This is the Default state of optional Windows features. As you can see IE8 is checked.

3. IF you want to remove Internet Explorer 8 you unchecked. And since I don't use Windows Media Center and don't have a Tablet PC I unchecked those features as well.

And then you click OK.

And after two restarts (depends on what you unchecked) you have a n Internet Explorer Free PC.
That's How you Do It!

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